Spending too much time on fulfilling orders of your online business? It’s time to upgrade your current fulfilment practices into a more efficient and cost-effective e-fulfilment service. Why should you appoint BBF Logistics as your e-fulfilment service provider? An excellent and effective e-fulfilment service provider can save you time and money. Our e-fulfilment service can save you from hiring employees to fulfil orders, renting warehouse space to store inventories, investing in technologies to pick, pack and ship efficiently, and spending too much time on fulfilling the orders. Besides, errors in processing the orders could be minimized by using e-fulfilment service as your goods are being labelled with a barcode before they are being stored on the shelves. We also ensure fast delivery to the customers to create better customer experiences. Moreover, with the support of advanced technologies, you can view the inventory, orders, tracking and reporting anytime and anywhere. Thus, you can just focus on your online business as our highly experienced employees will fulfil your online orders.

Online Business Fulfilment Service


Running e-commerce has never been easy in this age of technology. BBF is now offering quick, easy, and affordable order fulfilment service for all online seller. Business owners can focus on selling their products online & have BBF Logistics as your appointed logistics partner to fulfil your order throughout Malaysia. Talk to us today!

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