Guide Sheet: Thailand Export to Malaysia

Thailand Export To Malaysia

Few things you need to know before delivering goods to Malaysia (MY) from Thailand (TH)

MY, being one of the top 10 countries of sending goods to and from TH has indicated the significant complementary of both states. The international trade activities between both states are most likely to increase. This explains an implication of the tighter rules and regulations that could be implemented in the future. 

There are several important procedures required for all companies or customers to be fulfilled before Thailand export to Malaysia and are subject to circumstances. This include:

  • Register with e-Custom system: The centralized e-Customs system was introduced in TH. A digital certificate must be shown to prove the identification of the sender. (This may apply to sending goods to TH as well.)
  • Check controlled goods: Some of the controlled goods could be categorized as red line shipments and are required to provide extra documents or permission to trade internationally.
  • Submit and get verified: Declaration need to be submitted and verified.
  • Payments: If the goods are entitled to tax payments, etc, three methods can be done such as bank or e-payment and payment at the port of exit. 
  • Inspection and delivery: A few more inspections and document checks are required before the delivery happens. 

Documents you might need to prepare that are subjected to circumstances:

  • Declaration Forms;
  • Completed Custom Forms;
  • Permits or Licences;
  • Proof of Payment;
  • Taxes;
  • Delivery Letters;
  • Invoice;
  • Packing lists; 
  • Insurance documents (if applicable); and others

There are a few important notes about MY. MY as a Muslim country has most of the laws derived from Sharia law. Some of the laws must be followed by Muslims only, however, some, non-muslims individuals will be punished if anyone was found doing activities illegally. Drug laws are particularly strict in MY which all traders or travellers have to be aware of. Anyone who is suspect of a drug trafficker, possessed more than 7 ounces of marijuana,  may be subject to the highest punishment up in the court such as the death penalty. 

Other laws such as sexual laws are strict in MY as well. Homosexual conducts are still strictly prohibited by the government and punishment such as caning or imprisonment could be applied. Petty theft, removing flowers or animals from MY are also prohibited. Overall, all travellers and traders must understand the laws and regulations before travelling or sending goods into MY. 


Fun fact

Not only does Thailand export to Malaysia, but the country also transfers goods abroad to the United States, China, Japan, and more. As being one of the world’s largest orchid producers and exporters,  approximately 2 billion was also earned solely by orchid sales 2018. In 2020, the government of TH promotes orchid exports under the Free-Trade Agreement with 17 other states such as China, New Zealand and South Korea.


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