Tag: Malaysia Thailand Cross Border Logistics

Tag: Malaysia Thailand Cross Border Logistics

Thailand Export To Malaysia

Guide Sheet: Thailand Export to Malaysia

The international trade between Thailand and Malaysia has been accelerating steadily for the past 10 years. In order to make exporting and importing process smoother, there are a few elements that need to be aware of. These include the laws & cultures in Malaysia and the documents that need to be prepared when exporting to Malaysia.

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Import goods to Malaysia

Guide Sheet: Import Goods to Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that heavily relies on imported goods. The most imported goods to Malaysia are refined petroleum, rubber tires and vehicle parts. Although the import system is relatively permissive, some of the procedures are still significant for legal purposes. Import licensing is one of the crucial components which all traders need to possessed one.

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Malaysia export to Thailand

Guide Sheet: Malaysia Export to Thailand

Malaysia and Thailand have been maintaining a stable trade relationship in the past decades. International trade does bring a huge impact on both countries economically. Learn more about how & why export and import activities becoming so significant for both states and how BBF Logistics could help to ease the process.

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logistics company

What is a Logistics Company and What Do They Do

A logistics company performs a range of activities from acquired, store goods to transportation of goods comprehensively. Logistics not only play a major role in a supply chain but help manufacturers save time and pass over the intricate tasks to a third party. BBF Logistics, for instance, is one of the best third parties.

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Malaysia and Thailand Cross borders Logistics

In the amid of pandemic, legal constraints and movements were enforced by the government, consequently, there was plunged statistics for cross border logistics services. However, E-fulfillment facilities resulted in high demand because most of the businesses were digitalized as well as for logistics firms.

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Bintang Baru Forwarding , one of Malaysia’s leading Cross Border logistics solution service provider was founded back in 1993. From its humble beginning in year 1993 as a forwarding agent in Perlis, we have grown tremendously over the years.

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